Friday, November 15, 2013

Pic of the Day - October Roundup

Santa Clara, CA - I'm not sure if time is moving faster or if I'm moving slower, but I find my online life impossible to keep up with.  I guess it comes down to the fact that I'm not willing to sacrifice real life for computer time.  So, if I'm doing more than I can record, I'm assuming that is a good thing.

Anyway... here we are looking back at October already.  This year October included another amazing blast of Indian Summer.  We were busy hiking and biking as the weather got cooler and crisper.  We did some camping in Little Basin and Suwei did her long, long run (20 + miles) in from Big Basin to Pescadero. We joined Stacy and crew up in Mammoth Lakes for our second annual leaf peeping and hot springing Eastern Sierra trip.  We went pumpkin hunting, color throwing, and circus going. At the end of the month we packed up our bags and headed to New York City, which we will cover next month.  Stay Tuned.

Here are the photos from October (click the link below for full size pics and comments).

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pic of the Day - September Roundup

Santa Clara, CA - This year September started off with a bit of bad news.  September 1st was supposed to be the first day of our trip back from Colorado to California.  However, the day before, I noticed the check engine light was on in the Volkswagen.  Figuring I should probably get that checked out before driving 1200 plus miles, I took the car into Big O.  Torque Converter Error... which we learned means there may be something very wrong with our transmission.

It took some work to find a shop that would take the car on the Saturday before Labor Day, but the VW dealer in Thorton did and gave us a loaner for the weekend.  By Sunday we knew we were going to be stuck in Colorado at least another week (which wasn't such bad news). However, we ended up having to replace the transmission (which was plenty bad news).

The good news was that while we were waiting for the car to be fixed, we got to go back up to Keystone, got to hike up to Lower Mohawk Lake in Breckenridge, got to ride the Georgetown Loop on a historic train, and got to go to the Denver Zoo.  I even got to climb Greys and Torreys Peaks with Arturo and crew.

We finally hit the road 10 days later than expected in a torrential rain storm.  We were surprised to learn later that we had left the night before some of the worse flooding in Colorado's history.

On the way way home we stopped at Rifle Falls State Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Timpanogos Falls, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, The Bonneville Salt Flats, The California Trail Interpretive Center, and The Thunder Mountain Monument.

The rest of the month we settled back into routine broken up by Jake and Jovie's Wedding, a trip to Merced and a variety of training runs.

Here are the photos (Click the slideshow below for full size photos with comments):

Here is the slideshow:
Pic of the Day September