Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Wedding, Zion National Park, UT

Mountain View, CA - Allllrightttty then! We finally have some wedding photos to put up. It's been a bit of a chore. We had so many photos to go through, and none of them were mine (I must have been a little busy that day). So, thanks again to everyone who took pictures for us! You got some awesome shots.

So, the big day was on September 27, 2008. We had the ceremony on the front lawn of the Zion Lodge in Zion National Park. Suwei and I chose the location for a number of reasons.

1. We love the place.
2. It's were we first met each other backpacking down the Zion Narrows.
3. It's not in Colorado or California so there was no favoritism towards any of our friends (we figured we'd make it a pain for everyone to get there.)
4. It's just a gorgeous place to be.

We had our friend Bill conduct the ceremony. We invited all of our friends. We both showed up. It was pretty much a perfect day. Here are some of the photos:

But first...if you like, click here to hear the music we used for the wedding:

Did anyone recognize the tune?

The Ceremony

Jackie and Mike were recruited to read some thought-provoking quotes (well, at least the best we could come up with)

The Bride & The Reverend Bill

The Reception at Gooseberry Mesa

And here are some photos of our fantastic friends and family who made it all the way out to Southern Utah to join us!! We were really, really happy and surprised to see so may of you. You guys made our day!

Slideshows for The Wedding, The Reception & one for just faces:
Karl & Suwei's Zion Wedding, UT

Wedding Reception at Gooseberry Mesa, UT
Faces at our Zion Wedding, UT


Anonymous said...

Photos are great! My congrats!
I wish I was there!:)

nsc inat. said...

hey, great blog, i really enjoy your photography!

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Zion Wedding Photographer, Amanda said...

So cute! I found your blog looking for other Zion wedding ideas - you picked the BEST spot ever to get married !

Amanda B.

Ana Paney said...

Wow! Your pics and location are fabulous. I'm planning a Zion wedding too as a fellow lover of the outdoors/canyoner/MTBer/climber, and your pics were nothing less than inspirational for an awesome outdoor wedding! How did you like Gooseberry for the reception?

Karl Klemmick said...

Hey Ana,

We absolutely loved it. We did a lot of scouting around to find that spot. That said, before picking it, you must think about who you are inviting to the reception. Not sure if you are familiar with Gooseberry, but it's a long fairly and bumpy ride up there. Not something you'd need a 4x4 on, but enough to make a few non outdoorsy guest a little nervous. We had a little shower of rain just before the reception as well, which added to the problem. Turns out though, those who did make it up there, loved, loved, loved it. Just as people started showing up the rain went away and a few rainbows appeared. Great views of Zion and the desert! A place you can get away with noise, alcohol, fire and as many guests as you like... and it's free. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. More than willing to help you out anyway I can. And by the way... congrats! Hope the planning goes well.