Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Suntrek Trip #3 - Highlights of the East

Lafayette, CO - Ok, so I'm a little slow to get this next set of photos out. Turns out I got a particularly nasty virus on my computer over the weekend. I am very, very thankful for the extremely proficient in-house tech support. Thanks Suwei! Thanks to her, everything is back up and running smoother than ever. So, it's time for another post.

For this set of photos we go back to August 9th and the start of my third Suntrek tour. This was another Suntrek standard called, "Highlights of the East". It was a one-week long, lodging tour hitting many of the major cities of the Northeast. On our schedule we had Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Providence, and New York City. Total miles for this tour was 1130 miles (1819 km). The big difference this time is that we stayed in hostels and hotels instead of camping.

Here is a map of the route:

For this trip we had yet another full van with 13 passengers. Nationalities included: Australians, Germans, Swiss, Dutch, British, South Korean, and a guy from North Carolina. Can you guess who is in the photo below?

Group Photo in New York City. From left: Karl, Siam, Louise, Christine, Rok, Stephan, Leanne, Natalie, Megan, Trinh, Anina, Alex, Sven, & Tayseer. Thanks go out to Alex for letting me steal the photo.

Here are a few more photos from the trip:


Clockwise from the top: Independence Hall, JFK Plaza (LOVE Park), Broad Street, Dinner at Bucca De Beppo, City Hall, & the LOVE Statue.

Red Sox/Tigers Game, Fenway Park, Boston

Again, there would have been a lot more photos here if I was actually on tour and not working. Unfortunately, because of parking restriction and other difficulties arising from moving a large van and trailer through big cities, I did not have the chance to hang out with these guys as much as I would have liked. For a few more of the photos that I did manage to snap, check out the slide show below:

Suntrek Trip #3 - Highlights of the East

Sorry guys, I couldn't come up with a trip song for this leg. Any suggestions from the group?