Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo of the Day - July Roundup

Keystone, CO - Here we are at the end of July and I haven't managed to get a single post up, but the, "photo of the day" roundups. I hope to change that in August, as I may have a little down time while hanging out with Suwei's parents in Colorado. We will see. In the meantime here are July's Photos of the day. Check out the slideshow linked below for photo comments.

It's been another incredible month.  Hope you all enjoy the photos.  Here is a link to the slideshow:

Photo of the Day - July

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo of the Day - June Roundup

Santa Clara, CA - Here are my Photos of the Day for June, 2012.  I can hardly believe, I've managed to post over 80 photos without missing a day.  I'm sure it will happen soon enough, either due to sheer boredom or lack of battery power.  We'll see.

I think this month the main challenge has been boredom.  It is definitely getting more difficult to look at my everyday environs with a new spin.  True, it makes a trip up to the airport much more exciting.  Something new to take pictures of!  This month I have been savoring the deviations from the norm and the routine has felt much more routine.  

Keira, of course, continues to be my savior.

Here is a link to the slideshow:
Photo of the Day - June