Friday, March 2, 2007

Packed, Stacked, & Ready to Roll - ish

Mountain View, CA - Two years worth of accumulation has now been either gifted, donated, tossed or boxed, stacked and stored in Eng-Shien's garage. My back feels like everything is stacked on top of it.

I think the scariest part of the move was when Suwei's parents were helping me get the BBQ off the back of the truck. We were just about to place it on the garage floor when Suwei's father doubles over in pain grabbing his back. I was panic stricken until I heard his groans of pain slowly turned into a sort of snicker. He totally faked me out.

Last night we moved the very last of it filling every spare inch of space in my truck, Suwei's wagon, and her parent's van. Suwei and I had a short, bitter sweat moment as we took one last look at the empty apartment and left our key's on the counter. We spent the rest of the night sorting thing into 3 overlapping piles: things going to Vegas, things going to Colorado, and things staying in Mountain View for pick up in the fall.

So, today...we packed the car for Vegas, Suwei is off getting a haircut, and I'm waiting for a phone call about getting an MRI for my foot. It seems my second toe is slowly dislocating and causing a very sharp pain in the ball of my foot. I just went back to the foot doctor on Tuesday and although he has x-rays of the toe, he wants to see what's happening with the stuff holding the toe bones on. He hopes the MRI will help us decide what happens next (either surgery, cortisone shots, orthopedics, or a combination of said items). The long and short of it is, I'm hoping to get the toe as fixed as possible before I leave.

As soon as all that happens we're leaving for Death Valley.

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