Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bon Voyage Party at Manresa State Beach, CA

Mountain View, CA - So here we are with just a little more than a day to go before our departure. We've got our Visas, we've got our shots, we've shopped for new travel clothes, light weight Chacos, cameras, lenses, backpacks, anti malarial medicine, anti itch medicine, anti altitude sickness medicine, & anti diarrhea medicine. Suwei's last day at work for a while was on Friday. So, basically by Saturday we had just about everything done except for packing the bags, buying traveler's checks, returning our FasTrack responders, making one or two or three more trips to REI, and saying goodbye to all our friends. Or, as Boyd put it, "See you later."

Chinese Visa / Suwei's WHO card... six shots in one day.

Suwei and I figured the best way to say "see you later" to so many friends was to gather them all in one spot. The best idea we could come up with to accomplish such a gathering was a day at the beach. So Saturday afternoon all those who were able to make it, headed to Manresa State Beach, just south of Santa Cruz.

It was there that we beached, we barbecued, we talked and we talked, some of us went swimming, & we ate cake (thanks to Doug, Kent and Eng-Shien all celebrating birthdays this week). Oh, and if any state park rangers are reading this, we didn't have a drop to drink. Honest!

Manresa State Beach

Anyway... Suwei and I had a blast and wanted to thank all of you who came out to send us off. You guys made our day!!

Robert, Stacy, Scott, Karl, Sanjay, Reinout, Suwei, Dawn, Mike, Kristen, Christy, Ashley, Kent, Jason, Brett, Doug, Maddi, Guru, Brandon, Alyssa, Carol, Cami, Den-Shien, Dianna (aka Mom), Yin-Yin, Jenna, Erhhung, Henry
We will see you all later!

Click on the link for a few more photos of our day at the beach. Thank you to Eng-Shien & Brandon for sharing photos.

Manresa State Beach, CA
And here is a link to Brandon's photos:

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