Friday, May 11, 2007

A Short Note From Moron

Moron, Mongolia - I'm going to keep this short as our driver is waiting in the van outside. We're stopping today in Moron (pronounced differently than you would expect, but unfortunately, I can never remember the proper pronunciation due to obvious obstacles). We need to resupply at the market, check email, take our first shower in over 5 days, and charge camera batteries.

Anyway... for the sake of time I'm not going to go into any detail here. You all will just have to wait until June for that sort of stuff. Why?? Because, we're on the move. I feel like Morgan Spurlock (30 Day... tv show) has sent us out to live the nomadic Mongolian life for the next 30 days. The only difference is that we move every day or so, instead of every season. Each day we travel about 150 km of so called "road." The road seems to be more of an indent in the grass than a road. Seriously though, today was the first pavement we've seen since lunch in Lun, 5 days ago. We've been spending our days bumping up and down in the back of this gray, Russian made box and our nights staying with families in traditional Gers. It's been great! The incredible landscapes seem to be endless.

Tomorrow, we are returning to the wilds. We will continue north to Khoysgol Nuur National Park where we will rustle up some horses and go looking to the elusive reindeer people. Stay tuned.


cpetershr said...

Hi Suwei,

Hope all is well. Have enjoyed reading the blog. Could you please contact me regarding your benefits?


Chris Peters

brandydog2001 said...

Ya'll are good writers... Enjoy reading your posts.

I'm psyched that ya'll are having such adventures. Very inspiring!