Monday, August 13, 2007

How Many Ways Can the Chinese Miss-Spell Restaurant?

Kathmandu, Nepal - Just one more tiny post before I leave China behind. It wasn't until Kashgar that I started my quest to answer the question... How many ways can the Chinese miss-spell the word restaurant?

After a month and a half... here is my answer:

1. Resturan, 2. Ris Ti Ran, 3. Restuarait, 4. Staurant, 5. Restavrent, 6. Restaurent, 7. Restauraht, 8. Restraunt, 9. Restauyant, 10. Resturent, and finally my favorite and the answer to our question...11. Resavrnctja

Check them out in the slideshow:

How Many Ways Can the Chinese Miss-Spell Restaurant

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