Sunday, September 9, 2007

R&R in Pokhara, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal - Pokhara was the perfect place to spend a little R&R after a long hike. It had beautiful lake views, halfway decent steak, cheap barbers, laundry service, and internet fast enough to at least tell people we were still alive. I had a cold to nurse and Suwei needed to let her feet heal. We did manage to take a boat out on the lake and hike up to the World Peace Pavilion, but mostly we just slept , read and watched the rain fall.

Pokhara, Nepal

We are now back in Kathmandu getting ready for our raft trip next week. We will be leaving bright and early Tuesday morning for the Sun Kosi and 8 days of white water rafting. Stay tuned.

Lastly...I don't know if any of you saw this in the news:

I doubt that anyone did knowing the media in the states. If anyone did see it, I'd be interested in hearing how it was reported. Here they are saying that foreigners are not being targeted, but suggesting that foreigners stay away from local transport as the Maoists are notoriously sloppy.

There is no need to worry about us. We are leaving Kathmandu by rubber raft and will be making a quick run to the Indian border after that. With that....we're off to our next adventure.

Enjoy yet another short slideshow with some pictures from Pokhara:

Pokhara, Nepal

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