Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jodhpur - The Blue City

Huldenberg, Belgium: The next stop on my Rajasthani, tri-colored tour was blue. Jodhpur is known as The Blue City. Traditionally blue signified the home of a Brahmin, a member of the priest or scholar caste. But it seems to have caught on. It is thought that the blue keeps the home cool and helps repel insects.

I'm not going to go into too much detail this time. Partly because there is not much to tell and partly because I only have two hours before I'm supposed to go to the airport. And I still need to pack and to heat up a bucket of water to wash my face and shave. Here in the wilds of Huldenberg, I haven't showered in two days because the hot water and heating system are being worked on. Anyway...that's a story for when I get caught up. For now we are just going to stick to the highlights.
  • The color blue. The people here really take it to heart. Blue houses (inside and out), blue scarves, blue shirts, blue uniforms for the kids. Blue everywhere. Very cool.
  • The alleyways. Like Jaisalmer there is an amazing maze of alleyways in the old city. Crazier, dirtier, busier, bluer, and much, much larger that Jaisalmer.
  • The Meherangarth. The Citadel of the Sun, according to the tourist brochure. Hard to miss. In quite good shape due to the efforts of the last Maharajah to live in the palace, who now manages a trust to protect his former home. The audio tour is very informative, but it's the views that win the prize.
  • The Haveli Guest House rooftop restaurant. Great Rajasthani thalis to make you wish you hadn't eaten so much. The best fort views in town.
  • The Clock Tower. The center of the Old City and a crowded, dirty swirl of animals and people selling, buying, and riding or driving in every direction.
  • Less Touts. More Children. "Give me pen." "Take Picture." "One Rupee." are a few of my favorite pictures. There are a lot more in the slide show so check them out.

Jodhpur, The Blue City

The Meherangarh

A Few Random Shots of Jodhpur

Here is the slide show:

Jodhpur - The Blue City, India

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