Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the Road - Miami to Los Angeles

Mountain View, CA -  I am determined to knock out a few more posts out before the New Year.  I really need to catch up on all these photos. 

Which brings me to the next chapter of the summer.  For this post we go back to September 6th, 2009. After a final night out with my 5th Suntrek group in Miami, Florida, I hit the road and headed west along Interstate 10.  I had one week to drive the 2970 miles to Los Angeles and pick up my final group of passengers. I have to be honest, I did not miss the humidity of the east one bit as I made my way back into the deserts of the southwest.

When I took this set of photos I was attempting to create somewhat of an essay about, "Life on the Road".  Basically, I kept the camera in the seat next to me, and just pointed it at things I felt had become intimately familiar while moving about the country.  I also took a few shots of some local road-side attractions, which are usually good for a bit of a chuckle, but mainly serve as a great excuse for a pee break.  If you look carefully you will see the world's largest rocking chair from Gulfport, Mississippi and the world's 3rd largest fire hydrant in Beaumont, Texas.

Anyway, here is my "Life on the Road" collage.

I'll include a few of my favorite photos from this trip in the next slideshow. 

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