Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Climbing in Indian Creek, UT

Battle of the Bulge Buttress, Indian Creek, UT

Lafayette, CO - For this next set of photos we have to go back to the weekend of October 23rd, 2009. Suwei and I joined Jake, Jovie, and Jenn for a few days of climbing out at Indian Creek in Utah.

To be honest, I'm not going to write a whole lot about this trip. There is a storm moving in tonight and I'm itching to get up the hill and do a little more skiing.  Here is what has to say about Indian Creek:

"Got Crack? Indian Creek is a global destination for crack climbing enthusiasts. Excellent, long, parallel splitters and corners in Wingate sandstone, surrounded by spectacular desert scenery. Beware, most of these routes take up to TEN of the same size cam. Bring as many camming devices as you can find; go cragging with a group. Steal all your friends' gear. If you find that you don't have gear for a particular climb, most climbers in the area are willing to loan you a piece or two - just be respectful about asking and prompt to return it. There are very few climbs here under 5.10. If this is your first visit, be prepared to suffer. Beware of crowds. Don't annoy, molest, or otherwise disturb: other climbers, cattle, cowboys, the Dugout Ranch, prehistoric ruins, and the cryptobiotic soil crust. Bring all your own water and pack out all of your trash. Consider bringing a portable toilet; otherwise be certain to pack out your poopie paper. Be quiet and discrete; the BLM is in the midst of a planning process that may greatly affect climbers' experience in Indian Creek." 

Jake leading Railroad Tracks (5.10)
Suwei on The Naked and The Dead (5.11 Variation) / Unknown Climber on Generic Crack (5.9+) / Karl on Unnamed (5.9)
Jovie on The Naked and The Dead (5.11 Variation) 
Jake Leading Railroad Tracks (5.10)

After a few days of climbing we headed to Moab to do a day of mountain biking. We chose to do Gemini Bridges because it's an easy crusiser with fantastic views. The riding is a bit dull, but the view more than make up for it.

Mountain Biking Gemini Bridges Near Moab

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Indian Creek, UT

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