Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keira - June/July Edition

Santa Clara, CA - So here it is the end of July and I'm just getting around to the photos from June.  I'm getting used to that being the norm now.  We're just way too busy.  Now, I'm just posting trip photos when I get around to it.  I'm finding it easier to skip a trip here and there with the hopes of maybe returning and posting something when Keira goes away to college.  In any case, I'm still really enjoying the photography and having such a cute subject as Keira, makes it all the more fun.

This month Keira is officially mobile!  Although it's tough to truly call it crawling, she definitely gets around.  I really need to video her for you to get the full effect, but basically she manages to get up on all fours (hands and feet with knees pretty much straight), then she rocks forward doing a sort of face plant.  She'll repeat that move all the way across the room just to get you to pick her up.

She is also doing great at sitting.  It's just that she still cannot go from a laying down position to a sitting position without help.  Although, she is getting very close to going straight to standing.  I really want to find some sort of camcorder very soon! 

Also this month, she has learned to scream.  I'm not talking about the bawling, crying scream that she has been able to do since birth.  This one is a little more sophisticated and is done when she is very happy.  She really seems to like when I scream back at her.

Every month it's just more, more, & more from her.  She's more verbal, more curious, she's able to use her hands more, and she eats more.  She's started eating solids and likes just about everything we feed her (even paper, although we try to keep that at a minimum).  Anyway, enough babbling about our perfect baby. Here are some more photos:

That's it for this month.  Here is the link to the slideshow:

Keira - June Edition with a little July

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