Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keira - August Edition

Santa Clara, CA - It's that time again! Time to post a few more photos of the nugget. I don't have all that many photos this month. It's getting harder and harder to remember to pick up the camera and use it. I blame the problem on her being so damn cute all the time, that one tends to get used to it. Also, she is at this stage where every time I point the camera she tends to crawl towards me and grab the lens. I have to learn to move faster.

Speaking of moving faster... Keira has now officially mastered crawling and can move quite quickly across a room, over obstacles (like dad), and if she is headed towards any object you might deem unsafe of dirty, her speed can sometime double or triple. A favorite game of her's now is to get Mom or Dad to chase her around the couch. She is also able to pull herself up on just about anything now and is working on walking while holding on to stuff.

Favorite games right now, include banging blocks together, peek-a-boo, and pulling stuff off the shelves. The top of the coffee table is no longer a Keira safe zone.

Suwei and I have finally bought a small video camera and should have some videos to post next month. I'm having the same problem there as I have with the film camera. Each video is about 15 seconds long as she crawls towards the camera and grabs at it the instant I start filming. I just need to get a little more sneaky.

Anyway, here are some photos from August:

As usual there are more photos in the slide show.  Just click the link below:

Keira - August Edition

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