Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby's First Road Trip, Winter 2011, Part 2 - Colorado

Keira in Keystone, CO
Boulder, CO - Today is the last day in the Front Range for Suwei and I.  Tonight or early tomorrow we'll be heading up the hill to Keystone to accept delivery of a new mattress for the condo.  After that we're hitting the road again and heading back to California via a southern route (hopefully warm and dry).  Today, I've got to get the truck packed up, sell some snow tires, get rid of a old TV, have dinner with Tim & Michele and possibly get this post published.  So, here I go.

This next set of photos are from Part 2 of our winter road trip to Colorado last January & February.  Part 1 covered our trip out to Colorado (here's a link: Baby's First Road Trip, Winter 2011, Part 1 - California to Colorado).  Part 2 covers our time in Colorado, which is to say, it's a bunch of photos of Keira and folks visiting us to see Keira.

Basically, our plan for this portion of the trip was to hole up at our ski condo in Keystone, get used to taking care of an infant, ski, ski, ski, and to see as many Colorado friends as possible. Since I never take my camera skiing with me, all the photos are of our new baby and the folks visiting our new baby.

Keira and Friends.
Frost on the inside of the window
At one point, however, the temps up at Keystone dropped enough to make skiing a little less than desirable.  When it gets down to -10F, I tend to rethink a day on the slopes.  When it got down to -16F we decided to head down to the front range, visit Suwei's parents, and sort through our storage unit for apartment furnishings.

Suwei's Dad's Birthday Lunch at Hapa in Boulder.
Sorting through storage in Longmont, CO.
Our one little hiccup for this portion of the trip was due to the altitude.  Our ski condo is located at an elevation of about 9000 feet.  Our first couple of nights there we noticed that Keira was having a hard time getting to sleep and was quite lethargic during the day.  When she started spitting up milk we decided to head into town and see a pediatrician.  The doc tested her blood oxygen level and all was normal.  However, she suggested that we rent a small oxygen tank set a the lowest setting (1/32) and have Keira use that at night.  She said even the local babies usually need a little extra oxygen.  As the doc was fetching the tank, Keira fell asleep and we watched her blood oxygen level drop instantly below the recommended levels.  Tank on, and it started coming back up.  Scary.  Anyway, for the rest of the time we just made sure she was plugged into the tank at night and all was good.

Night out with friends at the Southern Sun / Cutest Bunny Ever / Keira doing what babies do.

Eventually, we ran out of time and had to think about going home.  We rented a U-Haul trailer to take some of our necessary items back to California with us, planned another route home and hit the road again.  But, that's a story for Part 3.  Stay tuned.

Here's a link to the slide show:

Baby's First Road Trip Part 2, Colorado

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