Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Spring Roundup of Keira Photos

Santa Clara, CA - It's been just about 4 months since I last did a Keira update.  I guess I'm finding it a little less necessary to do specific Keira posts all that often now that she figures quite prominently in most of my posts anyway.  However, it is nice to have a spot to put all those photos I take while we're just hanging out in the living room or over at great grandma's house.  So here it is... Keira's Spring Roundup.

As usual, we continue to be blown away by every little milestone.  It's just incredible how each day can bring a new surprise.  One major change this time around, is that Keira is now officially walking! And boy did she take to it quickly, once she got going.  She took her first steps just before Christmas and now she's running, walking up small steps and climbing just about anything she can heal hook.  One of her more recent favorite activities is to use our kitchen step stool to chuck herself head first over the arm of the couch.  She does a little spin, drops back the floor feet first, then climbs back up onto the step stool to do it again, and again and again.  At the playground not only will she do the slides by herself, but if you take off her shoes and expose her gripy toes, she'll turn around and climb all the way back up and slide down again.  Awesome.  I'm thinking climbing may be in her genes.  Although, we may be hard pressed to match this performance... (see video below).

We'll have to get her down to the climbing gym pretty soon.

Another big change... Keira is starting to use words.  Right now her favorite word is, "this".  Wherever we go, she points at things and says "this?"  We'll say, "tree".  She'll point again, "this?". "Rock!"  and on it goes.  Again, very cool to see her learning so fast. It's easy to see that she is understanding much more than she's saying.

Another favorite word is "Ba ba."  I know, that's not a word.  But, for her it means bottle and she asks for it quite often.

She is also getting much better at sharing her opinions on food, sleep, and where we're going.  I'm guessing this is mostly due to her having more opinions particularly regarding those subjects.  We may not always see eye to eye, but at least I'm kept up to date on her likes and dislikes.  Currently she likes anything sweet and dislikes bed time, naps, and resting.  Pretty simple really. 

Other news:  This month she is weighing in at about 18.5 lbs.  She loves opening and closing doors.  She has learned to knock.  She know the word tickle and is strangely drawn to exposed bellies.  She can put hats on all by herself, although she doesn't tolerate them for very long.  She's becoming an adept hiker as long as the distances are kept well within toddler range.  Books are becoming more interesting, although she still can't quite sit through a whole story.  She loves shoes, especially a pair of handmade wooden shoes Suwei's Aunt bought her in Taiwan. Favorite food is anything you're eating. Her dad is totally and utterly wrapped around her finger and is incredibly proud of every tiny piece of her. 

Here are the photos... There are a ton more in the slideshow. Just click the link at the bottom.

"I'm calling you all to this meeting so that you can watch me eat post-it notes."  Keira at Google.
Bath Time


Keira vs Avocado

Lake Tahoe, CA

There are 62 photos in the slideshow. Check it out here:

A Keira Spring Roundup


Stacy said...

cuter every moment. i think she misses me, so we should fix that soon ;)

Somehowlost said...

We're around this weekend. Not sure what we're doing yet.