Monday, July 7, 2008

Ken's Lake - Moab, UT

Lafayette, CO - Just a quick mini post from Ken's Lake, just south of Moab, UT. It's a "mini" because I only took one picture. I only took one picture because we were much more focused on mountain biking this time out. Although, being in Moab for the third time in a month might also have something to do with it.

April 25th, Suwei and I joined our friend Jen Wieczorek for yet another trip out to Moab. Don't get me wrong, Moab is spectacular and I loved having another excuse to visit, but it did seem like we were being a little obsessive. This time we were supposed to meet up with a large group of Jen's friends and Jen's friends' friends at the Ken's Lake campground.

We got up there late Friday night and the campground was packed. We hadn't accounted for the huge classic car event that was going on that weekend. The town was over run with over weight, camp chair wielding, mullet sporting, classic car enthusiasts dreaming of a weekend of sitting on the curb of the main drag watching a traffic jam of old cars spewing exhaust. Not really our scene. In any case there was a whole lot of car folks in the campground that evening and we couldn't find Jen's friends anywhere. We did, however find one somewhat empty site. All it had in it was a plastic kid's table set smack dab in the middle of the driveway. Being close to midnight, we convinced ourselves it was just overflow from the detritus emanating from the motor-home in the next campsite over. So, we pushed it aside, parked, and made camp. The next morning I made Suwei pose with the table and a few carrots because I thought it was cute.

Turns out some family was using the table to reserve the site for some friends that never showed up. Also turned out that Jen's friends never found a spot and ended up camping in a more remote wash, out in Castle Valley. Anyway, we ended up meeting up with all of them and doing some fantastic mountain biking (The Amasa Back trail on Friday, Porcupine Rim [the whole thing] on Saturday and another rim trail in Fruita, CO on Sunday). Somewhere in there we even managed to get a pizza in town while watching the classic cars idle in traffic.

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