Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Russian River Canoe Trip - Healdsburg, CA

Lafayette, CO
- I had originally planned to post this from Keystone, as I've been working on renovations to the condo up there. However, I now have the place so torn apart & dusty that it's not really the ideal place for computing. Well, yesterday I had to come back down to the house because of a lost key incident. So I figured I'd I get a new post out before heading back up the hill (new carpet coming tomorrow).

For this post we head back to the first weekend in June (yes, I'm still behind). Suwei and I flew back to California for our annual Russian River canoe trip. I've been doing this trip pretty much every year since I joined the Boy Scouts in junior high (we missed last year because it was too hard to organize from Mongolia). Every year we invite all our friends to head up to Healdsburg, CA (about an hour or so north of San Francisco) for a weekend of binge drinking and canoeing on the Russian River. This year we had 47 people join us, some new folks and a lot of old friends.

We had a blast!

Amy, Milos, Tong, Karl, Vera, Kevin, Kelly, Suwei, Sanjay, & Adam.

Most of the photo on this post were taken by others as I was too busy trying to keep things moving to worry about toting a camera around. Thank you to Mike, Patrick & Eng-Shien for sharing these.

Some Group Shots

If you would like to join us for next year's trip just go to this link ( and sign up for the yahoo group. That way, when we start planning next year's trip, you'll get a heads-up email with details. Hope to see you next year.

Here is the link to the slide show:

Russian River Canoe Trip, Healdsberg, CA

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