Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Springing Across Nevada

Lafayette, CO - Where are the wedding pictures??? Coming soon. I'm working on it. Really! It's just that Suwei and I did a whole bunch of stuff before the wedding and we want to get those pics up as well. So... first things first.

Which brings us to our next adventure, The Hot Springing Tour. For our trip home to Colorado, Suwei & Pat plotted out a route across Nevada, taking in a number of hot springs that they either really liked or had never been to. Starting out from Yosemite, we stopped at Little Hot Creek (near Mammoth, CA), Alkali/Silver Peak hot Springs (South of Tonopah, NV), Spencer Hot Springs (middle of Nowhere), and Wells Hot Springs (North of Wells, NV). In order to have sufficient soaking time at each spot, we planned on taking 3 days to get home. As usual, I took a few photos.

Little Hot Creek

Alkali/Silver Peak Hot Springs, NV

Spencer Hot Springs, NV

Ok.. for Wells there is a story. It's a long one and a bit embarrassing. Let's just say it involves a late, late night arrival and some very poor judgment on my part. If you're interested in learning more, just press play on the link below.

Wells Hot Springs, NV

Here is the slide show:

Hot Springing Across Neveda

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