Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mt. Tamalpais to Stinson Beach Hike, CA

Mom hikes up the Steep Ravine Trail

Lafayette, CO
- Hope everyone had a nice Christmas Holiday! I've got another short post today. Just some pictures we took during our trip out to California for Thanksgiving.

Suwei and I have so many friends in California, it gets really hard to visit everyone in one week, especially when the friends are also very busy with plans of their own. On November 22nd we organized a short day hike to try to draw out as many friends as possible to one event. Well, it didn't really work. Turns out we planned it a bit late...or maybe it was the early start. In any case...we had a great time and got to touch base with a few friends.

We wanted to do a coastal hike due to the fact that they are hard to come by in Colorado. We picked the Mt. Tamalpais to Stinson Beach because it's one of the best hikes in the Bay Area. Thanks to Maria, Gautam, Eng-Shien and our Parents for joining us. And thanks to Natalie for bringing Clair, Bradley and Max down to the beach! Here are some of the pictures.

From the top: Our group on the Matt Davis Trail overlooking Stinson Beach, Eng-Shien napping, Karl & Suwei at Lunch, Max, Clair on her way to China, Gautam playing bigfoot, Stinson Beach.

As usual there is a lot more in the Slideshow:

Mt. Tamalpias to Stinson Beach Hike, CA

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