Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Jen on Lead

Lafayette, CO - Happy New Year everyone!!! We made it to 2009! In celebration, I'm posting the last of my photos that I took in 2008. These come from our Thanksgiving climbing trip down to Joshua Tree National Park with the Rock Rendezvous group. My right knee was giving me a hard time so I spent most of my time reading and taking pictures of others climbing. Here are the results... enjoy:

From top: Suwei and Robert in search of Mt. Grossvogal/Suwei belays Robert on Atlantis Wall/Suwei chilling in camp/Robert leads Maggie's Farm on Mindless Mound/Eng-Shien warming up/Joshua Trees/Climber atop the Aiguille de Joshua Tree/Robert not taking any chances with the temperature/Eric on Solar Technology, Atlantis Wall/Suwei taking it all in.

As always... there's more fun in the slide show. Click the link below:

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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