Monday, May 4, 2009

A Spot of History II - My Long Journey Home, 1997 to 1998

Lafayette, CO - Going back in time again...this time to my long trip home from Malawi. I left Malawi sometime August 8, 1997 and got home to the Bay Area in late March, 1998. On the way home I wandered through over 12 countries. Now 12 years later, I'm posting some of my favorite photos from the trip. Be sure to check out the slide show on Picasa.

Mathiya, Lesotho - August 21st, 1997
The Chief's Son's Kids

Cape Town, South Africa - September, 1997
Table Mountain from the Lion's Head

Dead Vlei, Namibia - October 16th, 1997

Giza, Egypt - November 22, 1997
Riding Camels at the Pyramids

Petra, Jordan - December 2nd, 1997

The Treasury

Jerusalem, Israel - December, 1997

La Crac des Chevaliers, Syria - December 30th, 1997
3 kids and 1 wheel

Istanbul, Turkey - January 11th, 1998

The Blue Mosque

Belgium - January 18th, 1998

Savoie, France - February 1, 1998

Skiing to the Refuge du Col du Palet with Vinciane & Reinout

London, England - February 26th, 1998

Tourist London

Boston, Massachusetts - March 22nd, 1998
Back in the USA after almost 3 years

There's lots more details in the slide show. Just click the link below.

The Long Way Home

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