Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bay to Breakers, 2010

 Sunnyvale, CA - It's kind of a gray Sunday morning and Suwei is sleeping in.  Which means, it's the perfect time for another post.  In this post we'll visit another gray Sunday morning, May 16th, 2010 and the running of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers.  Well, ok, this year I didn't run.  Actually, the last couple of times I did the race there was no running involved, mostly just walking and drinking. 

This year Eng-Shien and I set out early with our cameras (ok, not that early, but we did get there before the start of the race... and it felt early) and found a spot near the Moscone Center to watch the leaders speed by.  With the miracle of cell phones, we were actually able to spot our friend, Arturo, who ran by soon after.

Our goal was to find some fucking bananas.  Friends Kelly and Dave were supposedly walking the route with a group calling themselves, "We're Fucking Bananas".  The idea being that you either dress as a banana or as a monkey and basically fuck around.  Pretty simple really.  The problem for us is that they had two meeting points and we only knew of one.  The early meeting point had a few bananas floating around and maybe a gorilla and a chimp or two, but no Kelly and Dave.  Luckily we found them later at the base of the Hayes Street Hill (the "lagger" starting point).  The group had constructed a huge paper-mache banana / beer carrier that was hard to miss.  We followed the fucking bananas up and over the hill until they crashed into an 80's dance party somewhere around mile 4.  At that point the giant banana literally denigrated due to the abuse and eventually turned into pulp.  With the loss of our reference point, Eng-Shien and I decided to head off on our own again.

We're Fucking Bananas

Hungry and a bit drunk, we decided to leave the race before entering Golden Gate Park.  Arturo, Bill, Jeanya, and others were meeting up at Cedric and Mai's place for a very nice and much need lunch.

There are more photos to be found in the slide show, just click the link below.

Bay to Breakers 2010, San Francisco, CA

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