Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keira - April Edition

The Many Faces of Keira

Santa Clara - Keira just turned 5 months old on May 8th. It's really hard to believe how fast the time goes.

In the past month she has mastered her back to front roll and throws in a front to back roll every now and then. She likes sitting up, but tends to want to reach for things, which in turn causes her to either tip over or fold in half. Hand eye coordination is getting better and she is now well aware of her feet. Anyway, if you haven't seen her for a while you should come over and give us a visit.

Here are some photos from April:

Here is a link to the slide show:

Keira - April Edition

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Moffat said...

She is precious! Hope to meet her soon. XO Moffat