Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Castle Rock State Park - May 7th

Hiking up the side of Goat Rock
Santa Clara, CA - Just a short post with some photos from a day trip to Castle Rock State Park that Suwei, Yin-Yin, Vera, Keira and I took a few weeks ago.

Suwei got out there very early to deliver Arturo, Bill, Jeanye, and Eng-Shien to the Skyline to the Sea trail head. She then proceeded to do a 7 mile trail run (off the couch... ouch!) followed by a nap in the Volkswagen while waiting for Yin-Yin and I to come up with the tater tots.

Climbers at Goat Rock
We decided to try an easy 3 or 4 mile loop down the Saratoga Gap Trail, past Goat Rock and the interpretive center to the waterfall overlook and eventually back to the car. Very easy with nice views and few challenging sections (if you're two and your legs are shorter than most adults' arms).

Anyway, we had a great day. Here are a few of the photos.

Keira decked out in her hiking gear.

Vera Mastering Her Hiking Skills

More Photos from our day in Castle Rock State Park

Vera and Yin-Yin at the Waterfall Overlook, Castle Rock State Park

That's it for now. Still have tons of photos to work on! Parenthood really doesn't allow for the amount of photos I need to go through. Oh well, I'll keep working on putting up what I can. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to the slide show (best way to view photos):

Castle Rock State Park, CA

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