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Russian River Canoe Trip - 2011

Russian River Canoe Trip, 2011!
Santa Clara, CA - It seems our Annual Russian River Canoe Trip is starting to get big again. This year we had 59 people (and one dog) out on the river, and close to 70 folks there for the BBQ Saturday night, and all that after we made an emergency date change.

We've been doing this trip some 18 years now and I've almost always planned it the 1st weekend in June. In those some 18 years it has never, I repeat, never rained on us. Oh, it's been cold some years, windy others. It's been cloudy, but it has never, never rained. Well, first time for everything I guess. This year June 4th, our original day of departure, had a black cloud floating over it. As the date got closer the cloud got darker and more ominous. It soon became evident that that particular June 4th was going to be one of the wettest in history. As the last minute cancellations came pouring in, I was beginning to think it was only going to be Brent and I out on the river.

Anyway... just as it started raining we moved the whole extravaganza to July in the hopes that summer would rear it's pretty head by then. In the end it truly was the right decision. We only lost about 10 people and gained a few more than that... AND... the weather was perfect.

Thanks to everyone for making this another stellar year. Thanks to Doug, Erhhung and Eng-Shien for sending me photos (I don't take my camera down the river). And finally, thanks to Tyler, Tyler, Scott and Andy for expertly maneuvering the kegs down the river and for providing libations to all.

Here are a few photos from this years trip (for additional photos be sure to check out the link to the slide show below):

So, ummm.... where'd everyone go?
If you are interested in joining us next year, here are some links you should check out:

Here is the link to our brand new Google group:
Here is the link to the facebook invite:!/event.php?eid=134686879935950

Here are some links to photos from past years:

2010 -
2009 -
2008 -
And a big miss mash of years on Facebook going back to 2001 -!/album.php?aid=83062&id=649406713

If anyone has any old pictures from past years that they would like to send I'll thankfully accept them. If you know the year they were taken, even better!

If anyone is reading this and would like to plan their own trip, I highly suggest calling Lollie at River's Edge Kayak and Canoe in Healdsburg. They have been very good to us!

Camping info can be found at

Here are some pics from the BBQ:

Thanks again! See you all out on the river next year!

Here is a link to the slideshow:

Russian River Canoe Trip 2011

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