Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peace Corps Nepal Reunion at the Lost Trail Lodge, Truckee, CA

The Lost Trail Lodge, Truckee, CA
Santa Clara, CA - Towards the end of September, Suwei and I were invited to join some friends for a Peace Corps Nepal reunion up near Truckee, CA.  No, neither Suwei nor I were ever in the Peace Corps in Nepal, but we have traveled there and I was in the Peace Corps and well.... it sounded fun.  Plus, our friend Jen W. from Colorado, who we almost never see, was going to be there. Plus, there were going to be a bunch of little ones coming for Keira to hang out with. Plus, there was going to be a Nepali pot luck on Saturday night. How could we say no?
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The venue was The Lost Trail Lodge.  Julie and Elyah (who we met through Jen a few years ago) are from the area and had booked pretty much the entire lodge.  I really liked this place.  Very rustic, somewhat remote, and quite comfortable, albeit a bit pricey.  The lodge is about 4 miles up Coldstream Canyon from Donner Memorial State Park.  In summer this can be driven by a high clearance vehicle, but in winter you would need skis or snowshoes.  There are 5 rooms (cabins) and the place can hold up to 20 people.  Perfect for an event such as this.

Hanging out in the Lost Trail Lodge
Keira gearing up for the ski season

Anyway we had a great weekend.  We did a little day hiking, did a lot of hanging out with the babies, meet a bunch of new folks, and learned a bit more about Nepal (thanks Stephen for the slide show).  It was a perfect weekend for me as I was about a month and a half into my battle with Giardia.  I had been stuck at home for the last couple of weeks and although I still didn't have all that much energy, I was dying to get out and do something.  The only bummer was having to pass on the Nepali food and the tasty deserts and pretty much everything else in the kitchen but tea.

The Remains of the Nepali Potluck, The Lost Trail Lodge, Truckee, CA

Day Hiking

Thanks to everyone for including us!  Here is a link to the slide show with a few more photos.

Lost Trail Lodge Trip, Truckee, CA

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