Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fall Road Trip 2011 - Part II - Misc. Colorado Including Grand Mesa

Suwei walking the rails near Hotchkiss, CO
Santa Clara, CA - Merry Christmas all! I'm just throwing together a quick post, keeping the text to a minimum to save a bit of time. Busy, busy, busy lately. Plus Suwei tells me my descriptions are pretty damn boring anyway. I'll let the photos do the talking. If you want to know more about each one, check out the slideshow (link below).

These photos come from our road trip in October. We spent a few days between the front range & Keystone having a new window installed in our townhouse, buying a new mattress for the ski condo and pricing cabinet modifications & counter tops also for the ski condo. In the meantime Keira was able to visit with her grandparents and Suwei was able to pop into the Boulder office for work.

Hanging out with Ah-ma & Ah-Gong (Grandma & Grandpa) in Broomfield, CO.
On Friday, October 14th, we hit the road again. We had 12 days to get back to California and we planned to make the most of it.  But first... we wanted to make an early morning stop in Montezuma.  Our friends Kevin & Chica are building a cabin just above the town of Montezuma (very near to Keystone), and when I say building, I'm not talking about having it built.  Kevin and his partners are putting in much of the physical work themselves.   Kevin was up for the weekend (probably the last of the season before things became too snowy) and gave us a full tour.  Afterwards Suwei and I had a nice breakfast at the Sunshine Cafe and then headed out to the west.

Kevin & Cabin near Montezuma, CO

Our first destination of the return journey was Colorado's Grand Mesa, a 40 mile long mesa covering 500 square miles from the Colorado River to the Gunnison.  The views and fall colors were out of this world. We made a point of hanging out up there until the sun was well and gone. Anyway,  enough typing... here are the photos from this leg of our trip.

Keira enjoying the Fall, near Glenwood Springs, CO
Feeding time, Grand Mesa, CO
The View from Grand Mesa, CO
Fall Colors, Grand Mesa, CO

Sunset at Grand Mesa, CO
And that's it for this post.  I'm off to do a bit more eating.  Best wishes to everyone in the New Year!

Here is a link to Part 1 of our trip:

Fall Road Trip 2011 - California to Colorado

Here is the link to the slide show.  There are 40 photos in there.
Fall Road Trip 2011 - Misc. Colorado including Grand Mesa

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