Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd Move to Colorado Via Joshua Tree, Zion, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Lafayette, CO - I'm still in catch up mode here. We've been super crazy busy as usual. Suwei and I spent last weekend climbing Castleton Tower near Moab, UT. I'll be posting photos of that trip soon enough. Hopefully, I'll be able to include a trip report from our friend Jackie, who at the end of the climb, BASE jumped off the thing. Anyway... check out this link if you want to see what the tower looks like: http://www.dbenson.net/photo/moto_jan_2000/castleton-towner-1-017.html.

I have also been trying to get the annual Russian River Canoe trip together. Suwei and I will be heading back to California June 2nd and staying for a week. We'll be canoeing up near Healdsberg June 7th and 8th. If anyone is interested in joining us out there, here is the link for more information: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rivertrip2008/?v=1&t=search&ch=web&pub=groups&sec=group&slk=1

Anyway... the photos in this post come from Thanksgiving weekend last November (19th to the 25th).

After returning from Ireland, cheering Jessica, Tommy and Suwei on at the Big Sur half marathon, presenting a slide show of our trip to tons of friends, and trying to work off a few pints of Guinness at the Mountain View 24 Hour Fitness, it was time to get moving again. We packed up the Toyota pickup with all our climbing gear, camping gear, bikes, and house plants and hit the road again. We were on our way to our new home in Colorado for the 2nd time. This time however, we took a southern route via Joshua Tree National Park in order to meet up with the folks from Rock Rendezvous for a mix of climbing and turkey. Other stops on this trip included: a hike up to Observation Point in Zion National Park, sunset at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, a shower and a bed at a Roadway Inn in northern Utah, and finally coffee and pastries in Fruita, CO.

Most of the house plants did not survive.

The View from Geology Tour Road, Joshua Tree National Park

Hike to Observation Point, Zion National Park

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, UT

Here is the link for the slideshow:

Joshua Tree, Zion, & Coral Sand Dunes

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