Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mom's Visit , Estes Park & Rocky Mountian National Park

Lafayette, CO - Back during the first week of December, my Mom came to visit. She wanted to come and check out our new home, visit our new stomping ground, and spend a little quiet time at a time share she booked up at Estes Park. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of her visit, but I do want to post a few here.

She arrived in Colorado only one week after we did. We had barely had time to unpack the Toyota, let alone the rest of our stuff we had stashed in Suwei's parent's garage & basement last spring. So boxes, dust, and packing material ruled the day. Luckily we were able to get out of town quickly and go to Estes Park.

Estes Park is a popular summer resort town and the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is also the home of the Stanley Hotel, which served as the inspiration for the fictional Overlook Hotel in Steven King's book, "The Shinning." Anyway, we didn't stay at the Stanley, and although Estes Park was pretty damn quiet in December, it didn't quite close down completely like the Overlook. There were still a few place open and willing to serve food.

All the pictures here were taken during the few days we spent in Estes Park. Suwei had to work, so we set her up with a halfway decent internet connection, while my mom and I spent our time exploring some of the short walks in Rocky Mountain National Park. I hadn't been up in that park since Derek, Hap and I did our cross country dash after college. It's quite beautiful and very, very quite in the winter.

Rocky Mountain National Park

After Estes we put my mom to work unpacking dishes and we went shopping for bamboo floors. We also showed her around Boulder and took her up to the ski condo in Keystone.

So...if any of you folks reading this are interested in visiting Colorado, just know that we make damn good tour guides (especially now that 5 months have gone by and we're almost done unpacking)!!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Here is the link to the slide show:

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

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