Thursday, April 2, 2009

Knee Update - Two Weeks Post Surgery

Lafayette, CO - It's been two weeks since the hospital left me a drooling, drugged up mess with mincemeat for knees. Things are definitely starting to improve. I'm off the pain killers and into physical therapy. The swelling is way, way down, and I'm starting to shuffle around without the crutches, although I'm supposed to stay in the brace. Anyway, I think I'm ready to take on the stairs next!

Thursday, March 19th, I went into surgery to re-place my torn ACL. Here is a good description of what they did to my knee (Thanks Stacy for passing on the video... and an extra thank you for passing it on AFTER the surgery) ---->

Replacement of the ACL is an outpatient procedure, as long as nothing goes wrong. So, when I woke up and was finally able to sit up, they loaded me up with some Oxycontin and few Percocets and sent me on my happy way. That pretty much left me in the state seen in the photo at the top right of this post... for two days. Then Suwei tossed me into the back of the VW and hauled my drooling corpse up the hill to Keystone for a change of scenery. Arturo and Robert were out from California to do a little skiing, and I think boarding with them was just a wee bit more appealing to Suwei, than playing nursemaid to me. I was more than happy to take a break from day time TV and actually attempt to hold a conversation every now and then... not only that, but I didn't have to brave a flight of stairs to get to the kitchen.

After a week, I was down to one Percocet a night and now I'm only taking few IB Profins every now and then. Although I was pretty damn content in my drug induced haze, it's been nice to have my head clear enough to read and write again.

Anyway, I'd like to say thanks again to everyone who has been asking about me. Everything is going according to plan, things are progressing, and I should be up and about in no time!

Knee on Day 4 & on again Day 14

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