Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Sunnyvale, CA -  The anticipation is killing us.  Tomorrow we will celebrate the birth of our daughter.  Of course ever since Suwei went on maternity leave, we have been meaning to get some photos her in all her massive glory.  And of course, we waited till the very last moment.

Well, this evening we finally got around to taking few photos, about an hour before sunset.

Thank you to Eng-Shien for the flash equipment and technical expertise (I look forward to seeing his photos). As for my photos, my main goal was to avoid the cliche (like this or anything too awful (like any of these I still have a lot of learning to do, I still end up masking many of my mistakes by tweaking the photos Photoshop.  Anyway, this is what I've got.

Well... wish us luck for tomorrow! Here is a link to a very short slideshow:

Maternity Photos

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Jackie said...

Suwei, you're beautiful! I can't wait to meet your little girl! I'm mentally shooting sunshine and rainbows at ya all day today!