Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keira Wu Klemmick - The First Week

Sunnyvale, CA - I'm not going to write a lot as I want to get this post up asap and so far I've only been able to work on things in 5 minute bursts. Either I'm too tired to concentrate or little Keira is asking for a bit of attention, which of course, I am completely unable to refuse.

It has now been about a week and a half since the birth of our daughter, and things are starting to return to a somewhat sane and normal pace. It's still all about sleep, milk, and poop but at least we as a group are getting a little better at all three. Anyway, this is my photo summary of the first week.

Sorry to all the non-facebook folks whom I've neglected. I meant to do this a lot earlier.


A lot of folks asked if I was going to film or photograph the delivery. I said no. However, I ended up going back on my word. To be honest, it was just too amazing not to try to capture. Here are some shots from the delivery room.

Recovery and Bonding:

By law health insurance plans are required to cover 4 days in the hospital after a C-section and the doctor suggest we use all of them. We were in no shape to argue. Plus it's kind of nice to be waited on around the clock. However, by Sunday we were itching to get home.

At Home:

Our first couple of nights at home were a little rough. It was just about that time that I began second guessing everything I'd read or learned in the hospital. The lack of sleep didn't help. But we had an appointment on Monday with the pediatrician and it seems all is going alright and we're doing fine. We just need to concentrate on fattening up the little nugget for now. As of Friday she was almost back up to her birth weight, which is good. We're heading in to weigh her again on Tuesday.

Here is a link to the slide show:

Keira Wu Klemmick's First Week

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Granola Girl said...

You are doing fine. Babies are kinda fool proof. Which is good, because I know I was dumb as hell when I had mine. I laugh about it now, but man, 7 years of college didn't prepare me for any of him :)

I'd read books and gone though trainings and babysat. Nope. He turned out fine and continues to amaze me at his ability to just keep going. He's had 4 concussions, he's fine. He's had more facial stitches than I care to announce, he's fine. He's allergic to over-the-counter meds, he's fine. At 6 I don't worry as much. Dad now worries :)

At 3 months it tends to slow down a bit. Give yourself a lot of slack. You are tending to a little person!