Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Packing up the House in Lafayette, CO

Sunnyvale, CA - By now I'm sure all of you who are actually following my blog, know that Suwei and I have moved to back to California. Heck we've been here for about 3 1/2 months now. That shows how far behind I am on these posts. And, with only 7 more days to go before we enter the crazy new world of parenthood, I'm not so sure I'll get caught up any time soon.

I am currently working on a large chunk of photos that I took on our road trip on the way out to California (yes, another one!) But in the meantime... I have couple of photos from July.

Just after the West Coast Trail trip, we flew out to Colorado to pack up our house, put our stuff into storage and get the place rented out. Colorado was blazing hot that month, so we cranked up the AC and went about boxing up and labeling all of our stuff. Stuff that we needed right away and that would fit in the Volkswagen (which was not much and mostly had to do with Burning Man) went down to the garage. Boxes marked with blue tape were for items we would need soon in California. Those items would go into storage until I could go fetch them (turned out to be October). And finally, boxes marked with red tape were for items that were destined for deep storage (those items are still in a container in Colorado).

Our House in Lafayette, CO.  We used this Collage for the Craig's List Ad.
The goal was to do all of this in 3 weeks and hit the road before the 1st of August. As it turns out we got lucky. The first couple to respond to our Craig's List ad, turned out to be sane, responsible, and extremely interested. Because Suwei was well beyond the point of doing any heavy lifting, we hired movers to load all of our color coded boxes into storage. We hired cleaners to make the place look spic and span. We crammed all the crap we could into the VW and left the rest in Suwei's Parent's garage. Then we handed the keys over to our new tenants and hit the road.

Which brings us to our next entry... coming soon-ish.

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