Monday, June 20, 2011

Keira - May Edition

Santa Clara - I know it's already mid-June and my May addition is a bit late, but heck, it's summer.  We're busy people.

As usual there have been stunning big changes for the little nugget this month (At least for Suwei and I... I mean everything Keira does is pretty stunning for us.)  This month she has definitely mastered rolling over.  She has gone so far as to roll herself half way across a room to get at something interesting.  Her sitting up is getting much better.  She can go unsupported until she looks up or leans back, then if dad or mom are not around, she gets a pretty good head thumping.

Every day we are seeing more facial expressions and hearing more coos and squeaks and giggles.  She still doesn't like being abandoned with grandparents, but doesn't mind being passed around at dinner parties.  Suwei and I are calling her a very good baby.

Coming soon... crawling.

Here are the photos from May:

Baby's First Haircut, Before & After.  I know it looks almost the same!  But it did manage to get rid of her mullet for a little while.

Stay Tuned for the June pics, coming sometime in July.... maybe.

Here is the link to the slideshow:

Keira - May Edition

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Truely said...

She is just adorable! Perfect combo of the two of you! Looks like personality plus as well...Enjoy the time, it goes by way to fast
OX Team Dillon