Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Montara State Beach, CA

Montara State Beach, CA

Santa Clara, CA -  June seemed to be quite the month for Colorado visitors.  They just kept coming.

We started off with a visit from Kevin and Chica and their brand new daughter (about 3 months younger than Keira).  Kevin was in town to run/bike/swim the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon and had finagled a sweet pad right above the Buena Vista in Fisherman's Wharf.  We headed up to the city to catch the end of the race and hang out with the family.  Kevin did fantastic, the baby was super cute, and Chica even got to pass out on the couch for a bit.  So, it was a good day all around.

Next up, Jenny came jetting in for the WWDC2011 . Somewhere in between parties, she was able to catch a train down to Mountain View and meet us for lunch at Google. I'm not sure what impressed her more, the creative college like environment or the dinosaur poo with chunks of pink flamingo in it.

And our final CO visitors were Tanya, Glen and Keenan. Tanya and Keenan were in the middle of an epic road trip all over the west. Glen was in San Francisco for a few days for work.They all met up at Glen's cousin's place in the city.  We saw them Sunday the 12th, when they all came down the coast and met us in Pacifica, for a day at Montara State Beach.

Here are some of  the photos:

Keira, Suwei, Glen, Keenan, Tanya and Josh at Montara Beach.
Our attempt at Burying Keenan Alive, Montara State Beach, CA
Washing up in a very cold ocean.
It was Keira's first time to the beach.  She loved the sand, but was not too sure of the surf.

Our day out at Montara State Beach with Tanya, Glen and Keenan
And one final shot before we return to our pineapple under the sea.
That next week, Keenan and Tanya came down and stayed with us in Santa Clara.  We were able to do a little mountain biking up at Waterdog Lake and little hiking up in Huddart County Park and a little swimming at the pool.  None of which I managed to take pictures of.  Anyway, thanks to all those guys for dropping in.  We miss our Colorado peeps!

Here's a link to the slide show for more photos of Montara State Beach:

Montera State Beach, CA

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