Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tour of California, Stage 4 - May 18th

Stacy Introduces Keira to the Tour
Santa Clara, CA - Just doing a very quick post of some photos I took near the finish of the 4th Stage of the Tour of California.  Stacy, Keira and I made the trek up Sierra Road in San Jose on May 18th and found a nice uncrowded spot with great views.  This was my first time as a spectator at a bike race, and although I know nothing about the sport, I found the excitement quite contagious.

Stage 4, begins in Livermore, takes the riders up and over Mt. Hamilton, then down into San Jose and finishes with a brutal climb up Sierra Road or as their website puts it, "Stage 4 is short, at just 81 miles, but what it lacks in distance it makes up with three grueling climbs. Two of the climbs are legendary in California lore."  The Sierra Road Portion is 3.5 miles at a 10% grade (1759 ft climb).  Fun to watch and honestly, these guys didn't look all that tired.  Just another ride in the park.

Race Profile
Thanks Stacy for taking us out!  Here are the photos:

The folks out front.  The photo to the left was taken just after Chris Horner took the lead.

And the Rest!
and... that's it.  Time to cruise back down the hill.
Here is a link to the slideshow::

Tour of California, San Jose, CA

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